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Join a community of creative pianists.

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Individual Piano Lessons

Individual piano lessons are personalized and offer a well-rounded and engaging curriculum to foster a lifelong love of music.

In Person or Online

Whether in person or online, students are provided with a unique learning experience that is tailored to each student's aspirations.


New in Fall 2022!
In our new monthly group classes, we will PLAY — both songs and games — with the building blocks of music!

Ensemble Playing

Making music is always more fun with a friend! Students have the opportunity to explore music for two, three, or even four people at one piano.

Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities throughout the year — festivals, examinations, competitions, recitals — allow students to celebrate and show off the skills they have learned.

Progress from "I could never play that"
to "that was easy!"

You’ll develop excellent technique, reading skills, and music fundamentals by playing music you love. You’ll get to know how music works by looking for patterns and listening critically. We’ll use pieces that inspire you to build strength, good posture, and agility at the piano. These are the tools that enable you to express your musical intentions and follow any musical path you choose.


“I think Megan has been amazing. She is so skilled at all aspects of teaching. She really did an amazing job keeping a very positive energy and making it very engaging and dynamic. She was so organized with the online lessons and the technical aspects. I found that it was a very positive experience.”

Norah - Lewis, Beau & David's mom


Meet Megan.

Megan has over 20 years’ experience teaching students from age 4 to adult, from absolute beginner to quite advanced. Some of her students take their piano studies very seriously and take part in festivals and exams, while others are simply enjoying learning to express themselves through music. Megan specializes in classical piano, but always enjoys exploring other styles of music with her students. Her goal is to provide a fun and encouraging environment for her students to express themselves through music, and to equip them with the tools they will need to make and enjoy music for the rest of their lives.

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